How-To: re-purpose a bookcase

I’ve been wanting something for our garage entry way for a while now. Since that’s the door we come in all the time, it needs to be a drop zone sort of space. Since our home was already in the process of being built when we bought it, we didn’t get the option of adding one like most of the homes in our neighborhood. So I had to use my imagination and the small space to figure out what would work.

First, is the space issue. Because there is an outlet and door stop, I only had a little over two feet to work work with. Second is the width. We didn’t want anything sticking out too far intruding on the space. I looked for quite some time but just couldn’t find anything to fit the space just right. That’s where an old bookcase comes in. I just got to thinking that the size would be perfect since it wasn’t that deep. I did some quick measurements and found it would work perfect! Next was to clean it out, which meant donating some books and moving the others to another bookcase in the office. I then bought two baskets to dress it up a little and to be used for storage. Whola! This has been the perfect place to set my purse down when I walk in, hold my sunglasses collection, store coupons, etc., you get the idea.

What are some ways you’ve re-purposed furniture?




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