Paint Brush Tip

As some of you may already know, I’m in the middle of a painting project for our dining room. I’ve never loved the color but tried to decorate around it. Thanks to Pinterest, that’s come to a stop. I found a paint color I fell in love with and just decided to go for it. {although I can’t actually find the exact color in stores, boo} I thought I’d pass along this painting tip I’ve used forever. Can’t remember where or who told me about this though.

Don’t think I’m crazy, but this tip involves wrapping up your paint brushes and putting them in the refrigerator for the next days use. Yes, you read that right.

1. Find a plastic bag from any store
2. Put your wet paint roller or brush in it
3. Wrap it up so that paint will not touch any surface
4 Be sure to keep the shape of brushes and foam brushes {don’t wrap too tight}

After they’re all wrapped up, place them in the fridge! When you go to finish painting the next day {or next day after that} they’ll be ready to go and you didn’t have to mess with washing brushes and rollers.

This tip has saved us so much time over the years. In most cases you wait a day for the second coat or touch ups. This way you’re brushes are ready for you and you didn’t waste a ton of time washing. Hope this helps you next time you paint!


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