Cover Girl Snow Storm

Thought I’d change it up a bit with the title of my nail polish posts. If you’ve followed me a while, then you know I typically post the actual polish name. I thought I’d start adding the brand as well. Let’s face it, some of these names are crazy and might be confusing just seeing them on their own. Let me know what ya think. 😉

So this is the second of the two most recent Cover Girl polishes I picked up at Walmart. Like I mentioned in the last post, the display seemed to have some new shades. I was in the mood for lighter ones that day and this white caught my attention. Who doesn’t love a good white polish now and then? BUT let’s be honest, white can be super tricky and a pain to apply. I knew I loved the formula of these Cover Girl polishes so I was hoping I’d luck out with this one. I DID!  This is just a straight-up white cream. Can you believe this is with two coats?! And I didn’t have to use any tricks like matte base coat in-between or anything like that. Nice right? So if you’re looking for a good white formula, I highly recommend this one!

natural light
with flash
“sunlight” – ok not really. We’ve not seen the sun in days. 


    July 8, 2013 / 8:10 pm

    Pretty! Can you believe I've never owned a straight up white polish?! Stacie xo

  2. PrissyandPink
    July 9, 2013 / 4:14 am

    Love this color – will have to pick this one up as well! And I like the brand w/ the name of the polish as the title. Just my two cents. 🙂

  3. ezri blue
    July 31, 2013 / 7:58 am

    THANK YOU FOR THIS!! I found you via Prissy and I jumped over here to read this review. I've been hunting for a really good white polish that goes opaque in 2 coats so I'm going to be looking high and low to find this one now. Thank you so much!!

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