Review: It Cosmetics Luxe Blurring Micro-Airbrush 7-Piece Brush Collection

Hi everyone! As mentioned before, I have quite a few things I’m testing out and reviewing. Some will be here on the blog, and others will be on my YouTube Channel so be sure to follow both. 🙂

I saw this brush set recently on QVC and of course was sucked in. That place is the master of making everything look great and a must-need product, right?! For the price, I thought this set was a great value! I also like the idea of the base to hold them. I’ll run through each brush and also talk about the packaging, which is pretty impressive. You can purchase this set here on the QVC site.

What you get:
1. Eyeliner & Eyebrow Brush
2. Eyeshadow Crease Brush
3. All Over Eyeshadow Brush
4. Blurring Concealer Brush
5. Flawless Foundation Brush
6. Angled Complexion Brush
7. Airbrush Powder Brush


  • Gift Box with tag and bow
  • Stand for the brushes
  • Card describing each brush and it’s use

My initial thoughts on the packaging were great! This would be a really nice gift. It comes in a heavy duty silver box with a bow and gift card attached. The box was also in a plastic bag, inside another clear box for protection.

I have mixed thoughts on the brushes themselves. For me, this set is more for someone just starting out in makeup or one that doesn’t already own a lot of brushes. The stand is heavy and nice. The brushes however, are very lightweight and feel a little cheap. The hair is extremely soft, which is nice. Although for the larger two brushes, it’s too soft and I think product placement might be messy. The smaller brushes are great but I probably wouldn’t use them for eyes like they are intended. For my eyes {and I have larger lid space} they are just too big. The Foundation Brush is nice and probably my favorite, but the size is a tad small for it’s use.

Because the brush handles are a type of metal finish, they are all scratched where they sit in the stand. Some might not notice this or care but I wanted to point it out incase you are giving this as a gift. You can see it next to the name in the photo below.

Overall, the packaging is very nice and would make a great gift for the $59.50 price tag. Just keep in mind who you are giving the brushes to as they may not be up to par for some.



  1. Alycia Ward
    November 12, 2013 / 8:23 pm

    This is so disappointing to hear, especially since I just ordered this set two days ago!!!!! At least QVC has a good return policy, although it's painful to lose the exorbitant shipping costs!! Thanks for this review, Alycia/BeautyisAgeless65

  2. Life With Linda
    November 12, 2013 / 11:11 pm

    Great review Crystal! I have so many brushes by IT Cosmetics and I love them. One thing about those brushes, they clean so well, and dry quickly. Great idea of the stand on their part.

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