Makeup Purge

Hey everyone! Well, every year around this time I tend to go through my makeup and beauty items and purge some things. That way I sell or donate items I’m not using and it lets me better see what I have and will actually use. This year I decided to be pretty brutal! No messing around, just clear out what’s old, not used, not liked.

The above picture shows the first start of the purge where I basically cleared out my vanity drawers. This happened for a few reasons: one being that I moved my vanity back into our master bedroom from a spare bedroom. Also, I needed to get more space for storing the makeup that I actually like and use. I basically made two piles – one for tossing in the garbage (too old or shouldn’t be shared), the other for donating. {I do always keep that blue bag and occasionally toss things in there that I’ll sell on a Blog Sale or give away.}

Well, that worked so well that I started on my main makeup drawers while I was still in brutal “get rid of it” mode. I keep the majority of my makeup in these clear acrylic drawers from MUJI. I’ve had them for several years and really like them. They are actually several put together in the configuration I like/need. {I have about 4-5 separate drawer systems.}As you can see by the above picture, I was left with several empty drawers after the clean out.

Some things I got rid of were old lip glosses. I was holding on to SO many! Really, gloss is one of those products that shouldn’t be around for more than a year because bacteria can grow. I’m still keeping way too many but it was a good start. Another thing I do is hold on to makeup for reference. Being a Beauty Blogger, I always feel the need to reference a color or formula when reviewing another product. Well, this has to stop! I’m really going to try and NOT do this going forward.

Have I mentioned clutter makes me physically uneasy? It does. Too much of anything or messes drive me a little nuts. I believe in controlled chaos, lol. 😉

Here’s a video where I show more about what and why I’m getting rid of certain things. I’ve loved hearing from so many of you saying that this encouraged you to purge some things you’re holding on to. 🙂

If you feel this is too overwhelming, start small. Maybe with just categories like lipsticks, then glosses, then move on to face, eyes, etc. Happy Purging!


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