Cruise Outfit Ideas: What To Wear On A Cruise?

Hi there! Today I’m sharing with you some Cruise Outfit Ideas. If you’ve never been on a cruise, you’re probably asking What To Wear On A Cruise? I don’t always remember to take photos of my outfits. However, I’ll link my Cruising Playlist  with several Cruise Vlogs that show what I’m wearing each night. I’ve started separating the outfits into a video all their own for those that don’t really care about fashion.

Just a little background, my Husband and I have been on 15 or so cruises. We’ve cruised with many of the major lines. Depending on the line, you’ll see different ideas of fashion. My style changes somewhat depending on the time of year I’m cruising. I say always over dress when in doubt. I hope you find this helpful and happy cruising!

Examples of Formal Night Outfits


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