Top 10 Best Sellers July 2018

I started doing videos of my Top 10 Best Sellers for the month earlier this year and the response has been great. Thank you! I’m glad you all like seeing them as much as I do. I started this because it’s not only interesting for me to see what others are purchasing from my links, but it lets you as viewers know what others like. So much of the time I’m sharing what I like. This lets me have insight as to what you like. 

Some of the items are from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and are unfortunately sold out. I did two previous videos on the sale. What I Bought video and a Haul and Try On video. I’ll list what’s still available below. 

The Wit and Wisdom jeans have been a #1 best seller for me for several months in a row. I’m so happy to know you all are loving them as much as I do!


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