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I’ve been getting a lot of questions about my hair recently so I thought now was a good time to let you in on all my hair secrets and favorites. Ok, they’re not really secrets. But there is one product in particular that I’ve been raving about and every time I use it and share on Instagram or YouTube, I get compliments on my hair. Thank you! Let’s break it down into categories so it’s not too overwhelming.


Shampoo & Conditioner

We’re starting with the basics. I alternate around a lot with shampoo and conditioner. Who doesn’t? I like high end and drugstore. To me, there’s just something simple that I love about going into a drugstore (Target, Walmart, Grocery Store) and buying a shampoo off the shelf  knowing I didn’t pay and arm and a leg for it. For high end after coloring or highlighting I like Alterna and Olaplex. About once a month or so I’ll use this one from Redken. My recent favorite is this Suave Shampoo and Conditioner. My hair doesn’t feel weighed down but gives it the moisture it needs. To refresh my blonde, I’ll use this shampoo but cut with regular (be careful or your hair will be purple) about once a month or whenever I feel it needs it.



Styling Products

I like to keep things pretty simple with my hair. I don’t use a ton of styling products. They usually just weigh my hair down. So unless it’s actually doing something for my hair, I just don’t mess with it. This volumizing spray has been a game changer for me though! I started using this a few years ago when I got a sample size in a swag bag at a Blogger Conference. I’ve since repurchased many  travel size and full size. I seriously get compliments on my hair every time I use it. I don’t say it often, but you NEED this one. As for when my hair is wet, I switch off between this Pureology spray that is a heat protectant plus a ton of other things or this one from Olaplex. I also use this oil from Olaplex to smooth out frizz after styling. I have occasionally used it on damp hair if I know I’m blow drying right away.  Every couple of weeks I’ll use this hair mask from Olaplex. It’s seriously their best product and will make the biggest difference in your hair! Sometimes I’ll add in this root lifter at the crown, but only if I know I’m blow drying my hair that day. This hairspray from Kenra has been my go-to for years. I have a crazy cowlick on the crown of my head and this stuff keeps my hair in place so it doesn’t show. Plus keeps my bangs out of my eyes. I used to switch off between it and a drugstore one. Now I don’t bother and just use it.



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Styling Tools

I’ve used just about every flat iron and curling iron on the market. You name it, from cheap to higher end. I used to use and swear by T3 but I recently tried this one from GHD and totally prefer it! It glides through the hair more easily, is lightweight and just nicer to use. I bought a Dyson Hair Dryer a few years ago at Christmas. At first I didn’t love it but have changed my mind. It definitely dries my hair quickly, which I love. I just wish the cord wasn’t so thick and hard to mess with. I used to use a flat iron from GHD and really liked it. However I’ve switched to this one from T3 and like it better. It glides through the high nicer and has a smoother result, whereas the GHD felt like I had to go over each piece several times. An old favorite is still the InStyler. It gives me a smooth result like you’d see from a professional blow out but with much less effort.




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