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Today I’m sharing my Travel Must Haves because what I pack and travel questions in general are the most popular on my social media. I do have several packing videos and must have essentials on my YouTube channel and you can view all of those here. To get to ALL of my Amazon Travel Must Haves, go here.

I use different travel makeup bags depending on what type of trip and how long. I’ve recently been loving this one.  It’s bigger than I need sometimes but worth it for the ease of use. I bought the set of two but you can purchase individually. This hanging toiletry bag is a newer find for me this summer as well. I love the deep bottom pocket and it actually holds a lot more than I thought it would. Perfect for a long weekend trip! One more must-have bag for me is this clear TSA bag. It comes in a pack of two and is really sturdy. You could use it for makeup or toiletries as well.  I mainly use it for my liquids bag when flying but have recently been using it for sunscreens in my pool bag. It has wider sides so it actually holds a lot for a small bag. I’ve tried several over the years and these by far are my favorites! I also love these squeezable TSA approved bottles. This particular set is great because it also comes with two small jars.


Packing cubes. What did we ever do without them? If you’ve never tried them, you must! I’ve been using them for years now and they make packing so much easier! Not only do they keep your suitcase organized, but they also make it so you can pack more. They’re great for just taking out of your suitcase and placing in a drawer or using as a carrier for your dirty laundry or wet bathing suit when traveling back home. So many brands make them. Some are cheap, some expensive. These are my favorite kind. I also listed a similar set. I’ve also listed my affordable luggage setdigital scale and travel laundry bag. I also really love these shoe bags. I like the individual ones better because that way I can arrange my shoes however I need them to fit in the suitcase. A travel steamer has become a must have for me in recent years. This is the newer model of the one I have. I find it so much easier and quicker to steam something vs bring out the bulky ironing board.


I think one of my most used travel items is this rotating outlet with USB ports. It’s perfect for when you have a bulky item to plug in like a hair dryer. We also take it on every cruise since you’re limited with outlets in the cabins. If you’re traveling internationally, this universal adaptor is perfect! It has several countries in one and easy to use. Of course long charging cords for your iPhone is necessary as well. We like these 10′ cords. These small clamps have been lifesavers more times than I can count. I first mentioned them in a What To Pack For A Cruise video on my channel. So many of you have since purchased them. We use them for holding towels down at the pool or beach, keeping a hotel room curtain closed, or even to hang up wet bathing suits. They are a total must have and this set has multiple sizes.


My other miscellaneous travel must haves are a foldable travel mirror. This one is a newer find for me but I’m loving the smaller compact size.  Travel mugs and cups have become a recent must have for both me and my husband in recent years. We always take our Yeti tumblers when we travel. They hold ice longer when sitting outside on the deck on a warm day. Depending on what type of trip and how long, I bring some sort of jewelry organizer. I’ve found over the years I’m bring less jewelry, or more dainty pieces. I like this larger one for a week long cruise and this smaller version for weekend trips. This silicone hot tools pad also doubles as a holder. It’s replaced my Vera Bradley ones I used for years. I still have those but this one has become the one I reach for.

Thanks for stopping by and I’d love to know what are some of your travel must-haves are?



  1. Mary
    January 21, 2022 / 6:17 pm

    Thanks for the blog … I’m loving your writing and a good review of your trip.

    Naples has been on my list of places to visit but disappointed to read about the shopping….from what I saw on travel videos it looks good ….different, boutique cute stores ….

    Was it more “souvenir ” type places ?

    At the very least, that eclair looks amazing!!

    And I definitely won’t stay at the Naples Grande!!

    • January 22, 2022 / 11:48 am

      Hi, thanks for stopping by!
      We liked Naples but it just wasn’t what we thought. Not super touristy though if that’s something you’re looking for. The boutique type of shops are downtown along 5th ave. That area in general is very nice with nice places to eat. I thought there would be more high end retailers. The Nordstrom actually closed and the Saks was small and disappointing. Again, just not what I expected from that area.

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