Christmas Gift Guide for Men | 20 Ideas Your Guy Will Love

Men's Christmas Gift Guide MissCrystalBlog

Each year for my Men’s Gift Guide I like to ask my Husband for his input and also browse some things I know he’d love. I always include some of his favorite things. A lot of guys like tools (my hubby included) but that’s hard to list unless you know what they want. So I never include those. But Gift Cards to Home Depot or Lowes are always great options!

Gifts Under $25

  1. Lip Balm: This is my Husband’s favorite and it’s also a favorite for most men.
  2. Face Trimmer: Again, got this idea from my Husband. He loves this one so much that he bought an extra just to have in his travel toiletry kit. It’s great for all kinds of little touch ups.
  3. Faux Leather Toiletry Bag: I found two that I really liked. They are similar in style and just a few dollars off from each other. Here’s the other option.
  4. Small Flashlight: Most guys like to carry a small flashlight either on them or in their car. Apparently tactical flashlights are all the rage.
  5. Grilling Set: We grill a lot so this is something I’m always looking at as a gift. It’s nice to have tools especially for the grill. Don’t go using your plastic spatulas out there!
  6. Yeti Tumbler: My Husband and I both use these. He likes hot tea in the morning in this size.
  7. Swell Bottle: Maybe your guy isn’t into Yeti or wants something different for the gym? These are great!
  8. Tile: Do you have men in your life that forget where they put their phone or keys? Luckily I don’t, but these always have rave reviews.
  9. Multi Tool: This is a smaller version that we keep in our cars and my Husband’s toiletry kit. I use the scissors mostly and it’s a travel must-have for us.
  10. Yeti Mug: Keeps your coffee pretty darn hot. I use mine a ton.

Gifts Under $50

  1. PJ Set: PJ’s or loungwear are always the perfect gift.
  2. Amazon Fire Stick: We have this and love it!
  3. Leather Charger Roll Up: This is such a nice gift for the guy that travels a lot.

Gifts Under $100

  1. Faux Leather Duffle Bag: Looks expensive, great for travel!
  2. Canvas Duffle Bag: Still great for travel or the gym.

Gifts OVER $100

  1. Ugg Slippers: These are great and worth the splurge because they’ll last.
  2. Carry On Suitcase: I saw this one recently and loved the sleek design.
  3. Noise Cancelling Headphones: We love these for airplane travel!
  4. Monogrammed Carry On Bag: This is a splurge but if your guy travels a lot and likes unique luggage, it’s worth it. Comes in several colors.
  5. Card Case: Another splurge but for the guy who wants a little luxury without being too showy.

I hope you enjoyed this Men’s Gift Guide and got some ideas. Let me know if you have other ideas.


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