Holiday Plaid Tops For Women

holiday plaid tops misscrystalblog

I love plaid but this time of year I really love a good Holiday Plaid Top for Christmas! I’ve rounded up my favorites that include all styles and price points. Truth be told, I’d own all of these if I could. Gimme all the plaid. But, I do own several. I usually pick up a few each year. I bought this red one, this ruffle collar one, and this one recently. You can really go all out with plaid including vests, jackets and pants this time of year. Are you wearing plaid this Holiday Season?


blazer and sequin leggings outfit misscrystalblog


holiday plaid top misscrystalblog

J Crew plaid top misscrystalblog

Don’t forget to check out my Gift Guides if you’re still needing that perfect gift. I have a Men’s Gift Guide, Under $25 For Her, Under $50 For Her, Under $100 For Her and Luxe Over $100 For Her. My Black Friday/Cyber Monday Post is full of discount codes from my favorite stores and most are extended through today.



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