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If you’re fortunate enough to attend The Masters, yay for you, I’m jealous! If not, I’ve got you covered on how to host an at home Masters viewing party. We did this last year and it was a huge hit! We’re continuing the tradition this year making it an annual event. I’ll share everything from where I got my menu and invitations to the authentic food items we served along with decor and THE famous Azalea Signature Cocktail they serve at Augusta.

The Food

I scoured the internet for what is served at Augusta National. Turns out it’s pretty simple and has stayed true to that over the years. You’ll find simple sandwiches like egg salad, the club, chicken salad, BBQ and of course pimento cheese served with chips. For your sweet tooth there’s Georgia peach ice cream sandwiches and chocolate chip cookies. The signature cocktail is The Azalea, which is a lemon and pineapple concoction. Truthfully, I wasn’t a huge fan of this so I doctored it with Prosecco. I’ll probably change up the recipe this year but here is the one I used last year. Now, all of these are just ideas and I did my own take (like always) but it’s the idea of being there with the authentic items that counts!

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Menu || Golf Picks || Grass Table Runner || Small Serving Tongs || Similar Green Bowl || Golf Ball Centerpiece || Mini Golf Cart


For The Club sandwiches shown above, I just kept it simple like their recipe. You’re not going to find messy things like tomato or lettuce. It’s just ham, turkey, cheese and mayo. I even bought a loaf a white bread (gasp) and used that for both sandwiches I served. Cut them into quarters for easy eating. Stuck some cute party picks in them (more on those later) and served on a cute plate. We served BBQ and plain kettle chips. Again, keeping it simple was the name of the game. I admit that was hard for me but I love a theme and wanted to stick to it as much as possible.

I wanted to have a few non-sandwich items so I put together this simple dip and veggie tray. The Spinach Kale Dip is from Trader Joe’s and I’ve used it before. Good for a cold dip. If you prefer hot Spinach Dip, check out my recipe for that here. I also put out a little bowl of the leftover Pimento Cheese for dipping with assorted crackers. Again, I bought this from Trader Joe’s instead of making my own (again gasp) as a true Southerner would. I’d do it again though because it was good!

Our friends were kind enough to bring deviled eggs. The Pimento Cheese sandwiches shown are just that on white bread cut into quarters. You can also see the Menu I set up just to let everyone know what was being served. It was cute sitting on the table. I had also sent it out when we did our informal invites to let everyone know what to expect being our first time hosting this.

Ah, the Georgia Peach Ice Cream Sandwiches. Well, I have no idea if they are Georgia peaches but we’ll roll with it and they were a BIG hit. It’s actually Peach Ice Cream from Publix. I didn’t check any other grocery store so I’m not sure if you can find it everywhere, but here in the South we have Publix. I like to bake but sometimes my oven gives me migraines with the temperature fluctuations so I decided to buy sugar cookies from the grocery store bakery and use those. We left the ice cream out a bit so it was soft enough to squeeze down between the cookies. I used one scoop per sandwich and then trimmed any excess. Wrapped them individually in plastic wrap and sat in the freezer until ready to serve.

I wanted another option for dessert so I made Lemon Cupcakes. I went with lemon because 1. I like lemon and 2. it went with the green and yellow theme of the party. I cut lemon slices and quartered them to add to the top to let others know they were lemon. I used Dunkin’ Hines mix because it’s the best in my opinion and vanilla frosting. I debated using lemon or cream cheese but these turned out good!


The Drinks & Bar Set Up

As I mentioned before, The Azalea Cocktail is the signature drink at The Masters. It’s made with fresh lemon, pineapple, vodka or gin (I used vodka) and a splash of grenadine that gives it the signature pink color of Azaleas. Of course you’ll also find beer, wine, soda and iced tea. So that’s what I served as well. I didn’t know if anyone would want the iced tea so I didn’t make a lot and made it unsweet so you could add your own sugar. I know sweet tea is a staple here in the South but I’m not a fan so it would be waisted if no one drank it. I also had a carafe of water. Soda and other beverages were not shown and made on request.

masters party drinks misscrystalblog

masters party drinks misscrystalblog

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the azalea cocktail masters party misscrystalblog


Invitation & Decor

Last year being our first time hosting we sent an informal text invite. This year I’m sending out this one from Etsy. It’s the same idea as the Menu. As for the decorations and games, you really have no limit. Again, I just searched the internet for ideas. You’ll see a lot for kid’s birthday parties but you could adapt those to a Masters Golf Party. We already had an indoor practice putting green and we purchased this chipping net. It’s fun to have a little break from watching and it’s easy for even non-golfers to have fun doing. It was still a bit chilly here and the grass isn’t green yet, but we did end up hanging outside for most of it. We set up an extra TV out there and I just had a simple tablecloth and flowers on the table where guests could sit and eat or watch the game. I cut the yellow and green flags to hang in the entryway and used the remainder outside on our pergola. I purchased this Masters Garden Flag this year. I used golf tees and balls that my Husband already had for table decor. Just use your imagination!

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Menu || Invitation || Yellow & Green Flags || Chipping Net || Golf Squish Balls || Grass Table Runner


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masters party golf ball decor misscrystalblog



masters party chipping game misscrystalblog

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you found this helpful if you’re hosting a golf themed party this year! If you already host a similar party, let me know what you use that I might need to add for future parties.


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