Haircare Favorites For Blondes


hair favorites for blondes

I occasionally get questions about my hair and what I use for the roots and to keep it blonde,  so I thought now was a good time to let you in on all my hair secrets and favorites as I’ve changed some things up recently. Ok, they’re not really secrets. But there are a few things I do that you might not think of so let’s break it down into categories so it’s not too overwhelming. First, let me start off by saying I get highlights at the salon about every 12-14 weeks. My hair grows really quickly so that’s the current schedule I’m on. In between I color my roots at home every 4 weeks. This is something I’ve done for years and my hair stylist knows what I use and we speak about it. I understand color theory and levels so this isn’t an issue for me. However, I don’t usually recommend blondes coloring their hair at home. It’s complicated enough trying to get and maintain the right shade and even I struggle. Right now I’m using this level 9NNV because it covers grey, which I have a lot of and it’s stubborn. Previously I used Madison Reed level 8.5NNA and really liked that. I just found it to be a tad warm the more I had to touch up.  But I do like more of a dimensional blonde so I may go back to it. I use a neutral or neutral ash to cover grey and not add any warmth.


Shampoo & Conditioner

We’re starting with the basics. I alternate around a lot with shampoo and conditioner. Who doesn’t? I like high end and drugstore. To me, there’s just something simple that I love about going into a drugstore (Target, Walmart, Grocery Store) and buying a shampoo off the shelf  knowing I didn’t pay and arm and a leg for it. My recent favorite is this one from L’Oreal and it’s made my hair feel so soft and healthy! It’s an affordable replacement for a previous protein shampoo from Redken. I actually like this one better. I don’t use it all the time as to not get too much protein build up. My go-to higher end is All Soft from Redken. I use the conditioner as well. About once a week or two I love using this Hair Mask. It’s lightweight but feels amazing on the hair. To refresh my blonde, I’ll use either a Clarifying shampoo by Kenra to get all the product gunk and hard water out or this purple shampoo from Lanza as needed. I’ve learned that a clarifying shampoo often is all I need to brighten up my hair again. I avoid using toning or purple shampoo too often as they can actually add dulness. And I would NEVER use a purple shampoo within the first few weeks of highlights for that reason. I really like the Lanza since I’ve tried so many out there and most don’t do anything or make my hair purple. Seriously, that happened once using the Kristin Ess one. Just a heads up on that one! Another key product is a shower filter. We have hard water in Alabama and it will dull blonde hair so quickly. I’ve used this one from Amazon for years and just change out the filter every 6 months.



Styling Products

I like to keep things pretty simple with my hair. I don’t use a ton of styling products. They usually just weigh my hair down. So unless it’s actually doing something for my hair, I just don’t mess with it. This volumizing spray has been a game changer for me though! I started using this a few years ago when I got a sample size in a swag bag at a Blogger Conference. I’ve since repurchased many  travel size and full size. I recently ran out and needed something for travel and tried this one from Amika. It’s very nice and adds a bit more texture. As for when my hair is wet, I started using this spray that is a heat protectant plus a ton of other benefits.  But more recently I’ve also added this Aveda cream after the spray for added protection and softness.  Sometimes I’ll add in this root lifter at the crown, but only if I know I’m blow drying my hair that day. This hairspray from Kenra has been my go-to for years. I have a crazy cowlick on the crown of my head and this stuff keeps my hair in place so it doesn’t show. Plus keeps my hair out of my eyes. It’s a must have for travel as well! Speaking of travel, when we are traveling, especially in the Caribbean, I use this Paul Mitchell serum instead of the Aveda cream before blow drying and styling. It works great at keep my hair frizz-free.


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Styling Tools

I’ve used just about every flat iron and curling iron on the market. You name it, from cheap to higher end. I used to use and swear by T3 but a few years back I bought this curling iron from GHD during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and totally prefer it! It glides through the hair more easily, is lightweight and just nicer to use. I bought a Dyson Hair Dryer several years ago at Christmas. At first I didn’t love it but have changed my mind. It definitely dries my hair quickly, which I love. I just wish the cord wasn’t so thick and hard to mess with. I used to use a flat iron from GHD and really liked it. However I’ve recently switched to this one after my Hair Stylist used it and like it better. It glides through the high nicer and has a smoother result, whereas the GHD felt like I had to go over each piece several times. An old favorite is still the InStyler. It gives me a smooth result like you’d see from a professional blow out but with much less effort.




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