Hi there, welcome to my Blog!

I’m Crystal, a Lifestyle YouTuber & Blogger. I grew up in the Midwest but lived many years in Florida where I met my Husband. Several years ago His job took us to Alabama where we have lived since 2010.

I started posting videos on YouTube years ago so I could express my love for all things beauty. {I was an Esthetician and Makeup Artist at one point}. YouTube is full of a younger crowd in the beauty and fashion community and I wanted to offer a different perspective being in my 40’s. My platform has since evolved into Fashion, Lifestyle and Travel content, whether that be sharing a favorite Recipe or showing you what we did on any one of our many Cruise Vacations.

Speaking of cruising, my Husband and I have taken well over 20 at this point and have sailed most of the main lines. In doing so, we’ve racked up all kinds of info and advice, so feel free to ask a question or you can check out my Cruise Tips & Vlogs Playlist on YouTube.

Be sure to check out my YouTube Channel for all sorts of random goodness and follow me on Instagram. That’s where you’ll see most of my fashion and daily outfit posts.

Thanks for joining me!